After receiving patient intake and insurance information along with your daysheets we pre-audit all claims for any missing information and possible denials and notify you in advance. Our goal is to send out accurate claims... up front.

Primary Claims are submitted electronically where claims again go through another extensive edit process to ensure claims accuracy. We also prepare and bill all secondary claims that do not cross over.

All payments and EOBs (explanation of benefits) go directly to you. You then scan, fax or mail a copy of the EOBs to us so we can post payments and adjustments in order to prepare patient statements.

Patient statements are generated on a regular billing cycle schedule. Our office handles all billing question calls from your patients... a huge time saving benefit for your office staff.

Time is dedicated weekly and monthly to working insurance aging reports, and following up on all outstanding claims to insure all payments are received.

Financial reports are sent to you on a monthly basis including Practice Analysis, Yearly Summary, Transaction Journals and Aging Reports. You simply review these reports to assess your financial welfare... we do all the work!

Working With Us Is Easy

Our aim is to provide you a service that is not only easy to work with but is also customized to your unique office needs.

Accurate electronic claims processing

Automatic secondary, tertiary claims submission

Up front editing of insurance claims

Verification of Insurance Benefits

Patient Statements (we handle all billing calls from patients)

Aggressive follow up on outstanding claims

Monthly, yearly reports

Customized forms and procedures to meet YOUR unique office needs


Personal Account Specialist

Office management advising and on site training

On-line access to your practice 24/7